Job Interview – The Art of Your Storytelling!
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    Job Interview – The Art of Your Storytelling!

    Job Interview – The Art of Your Storytelling!
    Why don’t you take the interviewer into a Deep Dive of Your Professional Life Story!? Selling your story is the only job that you do during the job interview.

    You just landed a job interview. What’s next? Most of us will prepare for the interview by studying the company, the job and prepare answers for the usual questions such as “Can you tell me about yourself?”, “What are your greatest strengths?”, “What are your greatest weaknesses?”,  “Why are you leaving your current job?”, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and so on ……

    So, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

    Crafting Your Professional Life Story is an Art. How can you tell someone about your 5, 10 or 20 years’ experience in less than an hour; while they are asking you questions, follow-up questions or interrupting your story? One thing or another makes you forget what you want to say and your unique selling points. Then the interview time is up. Oh God! You wish that you could do this and that. Well – we’ve all been there…!

    Here are some Tips of Your Professional Life Storytelling

    Figure 1 : Interview Funnel Techniques

    You only have 45-60 minutes for the job interview. So don’t waste it, make the most out of it. Craft your professional life story by creating the outline with the Interview Funnel Technique.

    Company / Organization
    Briefly talk about the company or organization, who are they, how big are they, what industry are they in, what they do / sell?

    The Team
    Tell the interviewer about your team, what is your team, how many people in it, who do you report to, how many people directly report to you, what do they do?

    Role / Responsibility
    Emphasize how your current and past experience fits the job you are applying for by highlighting the core functions of the job and the key responsibilities of the position. Tie your responsibilities at your current or previous positions in with those listed in that job description. Don’t over-emphasize the menial work. Dwelling on it is not a good sign.

    Achievement / Initiative / Projects
    Present your greatest achievements in a tangible event or accomplishment that you can pinpoint and measure. What are the improvements you made or the problems you solved? How did you do it? You should aim to use the STAR Technique*.
    • Situation: give the interviewer a context – describe the situation and why the achievement was significant. Why was it difficult to achieve?
    • Task: what goal did you aim to achieve?
    • Action: explain what your specific actions to achieve your goal were.
    • Result: make sure it’s a clear and specific event.

    Explain the skills that got you here and helped you to deliver on your goals. Match your skills with the role you are applying for. After all, this indicates why you’re a great match and why they should hire you.

    Be Precise, Be Consistent, Be Broad to Specific

    On top of the Interview Funnel Technique, I strongly recommended that you craft your story by keeping 3 things in your mind, “Be Precise, Be Consistent, Be Broad to Specific”.

    Do tell the interviewer with accuracy of details (Be Precise) with concrete facts and figures, especially when you talk about your achievement.  You also must tell your story in the same way, same format during the interview (Be Consistent). The effective format is to firstly tell your story in general and then take a deep dive to specific details (Be Broad to Specific).

    “Well, there you have crafting Your Professional Life Storytelling”
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