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    ANCOR Enters the UAE Market

    ANCOR Enters the UAE Market
    In recent years, companies are collaborating with specialists abroad more and more often. If you as well work with professionals from around the world and wish to hire the best ones, we can help.

    We are happy to announce that ANCOR staffing group begins to offer services in the United Arab Emirates.

    ANCOR acts as a single provider that will help effectively collaborate with foreign specialists. We will take on routine tasks, allowing you to focus on business development.

    How do we help companies?
    • Formalize civil-law relations with contractors
    • Help with management
    • Make payments for services or work performed
    This is especially relevant for organizations working with rare specialists, including ones in the IT field.

    If your employees already work from the UAE, but you don’t have an office in the country, we will help with staff registration, payroll, and salary payment.

    What do we offer?
    • Labour relationship formalization
    • Acquiring Emirates ID
    • Administration and timekeeping
    • Payroll and salary payment
    • Organization of relocation for a particular employee
    Additional services:
    • Relocation expenses processing/compensation:
    · tickets
    · rental housing
    • Compensation of education certificates legalization
    • Relocation for close relatives:
    · obtaining Dependant Visa
    · tickets
    · rental housing
    · compensation of education certificates legalization
    • Extended medical insurance

    We believe that the new package of ANCOR services will open up extra opportunities for attracting talent from different countries and will also be useful for business development.
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