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    Employer Brand Perception Research

    The Talentist is a large-scale employer brand perception study commissioned by ANCOR and conducted by an independent research company. We form a representative sample of the working-age population of the country, find out people's preferences for work and employment, key drivers for choosing a company and trends in the labor market.

    The Talentist is an honorary title of the most attractive employer in Thailand according to the research results. We compile a list of the largest companies by number of employees in significant sectors of the economy and ask respondents to rate how and why these employers are attractive to them.

    >5 000
    Representative sample of Thailand’s working-age population
    work in
    commercial sector
    of the survey

    The study covers all regions of Thailand.

    Online Survey

    Filling out a survey questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes. It has three parts:

    • The first defines the respondent's profile,
    • The second allows  to generate a ranking  of key drivers for choosing an employer and understand the trendsof the labor market in terms of behavior of employable population,
    • The third is aimed at  making a rating  .

    • Work-life balance
    • Career opportunities
    • Training and development
    • Long-term job security
    • Flexible working conditions
    • Interesting job content
    • Latest technologies
    • High-quality products/services
    • Inclusion & Diversity
    • Pleasant work atmosphere
    • Strong management
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Convenient location
    • Financial stability
    • Attractive salary and benefits
    • Very good reputation
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    The Talentist examines employer brand perception

    The employer brand is the image of a company in the job market. Employees and job seekers perceive a company as a place to work, endowing it with qualities that make it an attractive or unattractive place to work.

    Often a company does possess some characteristic, and its employees and potential candidates notice it. Sometimes a company's image is associated with a quality that is not really manifested, or at the very least, a company has not consciously developed that quality.

    Nevertheless, labor market participants act towards a company according to how they perceive it. Thus, perception determines reality. The Talentist study was designed to examine exactly how the employer brand is perceived in the labor market.

    P Bird.png
    The survey sample reflects an accurate portrait of the working-age population of Thailand

    Representatives of the working and non-working population of the country are invited to take part in the study. We create a representative sample based on national demographics, including working and non-working people aged 20 to 60. Under the terms of the project, 70% of respondents are employed in the commercial sector of the economy.

    To evaluate 150 employer brands, we invite more than 5000 people throughout the country to participate in the survey. This provides an objective and accurate assessment of chosen companies with a sampling error of no more than 3,1.

    Gareth George.png 
    Respondents evaluate real brand images of the companies

    A list of the largest companies operating in Thailand in terms of number of full-time employees is formed. A respondent is randomly shown 30 employer brands while filling out the questionnaire. At the same time the sample size and the random principle allow to demonstrate each company to at least 1000 respondents.

    Survey participants are asked to choose companies they know and then answer whether they want to work there. In the next step, people rate the attractiveness of each of the selected companies according to key drivers.

    The research methodology allows to identify corporate, industry and country specifics which help companies develop their EVP, attract and retain the best employees.

    Survey results

    We get a lot of useful insights from survey results that help all labor market participants take a data-driven approach in business. Companies get a wealth of data to effectively develop their employer brand and improve their EVP People get insight into the attractiveness of large employers and data useful for effective job search and career development.

    Each of the studied companies receives a report on their employer brand and can examine their perception of different sample groups to build a successful employer brand strategy in a highly competitive talent and workforce environment.

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